In an effort to keep our employees and residents healthy and safe, the following policies apply until further notice. Please read this information thoroughly.


Clubhouse & Leasing Office: Open during regular office hours. Masks are required while in the clubhouse.


Resident Communication: If possible, residents are encouraged to communicate via phone, text, or email for work orders and any questions.


Laundry Centers: Laundry facilities are open. We strongly encourage using hand sanitizer before and after use. Our team will be sanitizing doorknobs and we encourage you to sanitize laundry equipment before and after use.


Fitness Centers: Now open 24/7! Please follow capacity requirements posted at fitness center entry and maintain social distancing while using the facility. Masks are not required during exercise.


Coffee/Snack Bar: Now open!


Pool: Now open!


Maintenance Requests: Before addressing any maintenance concerns, we need to know if you are experiencing any symptoms, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been around anyone who has been sick.


Social Distancing: For the health and safety of residents and employees, we ask that you please adhere to social distancing guidelines. Our Maintenance Teams will practice the same while completing maintenance requests in your apartment. Depending on the floor plan, they may ask you to step in the other room while completing the work.


Please note, the danger of contracting COVID-19 exists if you choose to use any common spaces/amenities. You are responsible for washing your hands as well as any object/s you bring into shared facilities. DO NOT enter shared facilities if you have a cough, fever, or other symptoms of illness. Thank you for your cooperation. Please contact us via phone or email if you have questions or concerns.


We will continue to follow all recommendations from federal, state, and local health entities. Credible sources providing online references about preventing diseases such as the Coronavirus are:
Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization